Traveling with Your Cat

I was VERY apprehensive before moving from North Carolina to Oklahoma with--not one--but TWO cats who were "born and raised" in one house and only left it to go to the vet.  Trying to coordinate sight-seeing along the way, too--in mid-summer heat--was also a challenge.  Before taking them all that way, I tried a few short car rides then a 2-hour drive followed by a week stay with a friend and they adapted so well!

Read One Eye on the Road and One on the Litter Box and if you STILL want to travel with your cats, read on... :o)

Thank you to my cat Rosie for posing for this post :o)  She is the more sensitive of my two felines (her brother's name is Dill) and the one I was worried would be scared about the car ride and her new surroundings.   Before a trip with a nervous cat, you cannot beat Bach Rescue Remedy (or Stress Drops as I call them!). These worked wonders at keeping Rosie and Dill calm for their cross-country adventure.

And be sure to make a small investment in either microchipping or pet i.d. tags!  I researched affordable quality tags and was happy with the very inexpensive stainless steel ENGRAVED tags from Love Your Pets.  Check them out!

Finally, if you are planning a trip accompanied by your cat(s), do yourself and them a favor and check out the great travel tips from The Ramblin' Cat and Little Big Cat.