Book Review: Knockout Entrepreneur (George Foreman)

Thomas Nelson is now Book Sneeze! My latest read from Book Sneeze is Knockout Entrepreneur by George Foreman.

Using boxing analogies combined with practical advice, George Foreman shares with the reader the lessons he has learned on the way to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Exceeding customer expectations, "turning a deaf ear" to negative influences and staying in the fight are just a few of the themes tackled in Knockout Entrepreneur.

In one word this book was INSPIRING. From choosing an accountant with integrity to making time for family in the midst of an entrepreneurial venture, Christian principles are prominent throughout. Confidence and humility are two of the author's personal character traits that really stood out. The conversational tone combined with George Foreman's contagious positive attitude made for an easy and enjoyable read, leaving me with the feeling that he believed in me and that I could succeed with my business ideas as well. Although a bit simplistic with the feel-good “You can do it!” attitude, I would certainly read again and recommend to others.

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