Book Review: The Power Based Life (Mike Flynt)

The Power Based Life is an encouraging read with a life-coach feel that challenges readers to focus on the important things in life.  The theme for the book (listed on the back) is an anonymous quote: "The two greatest days in our lives are the day we're born and the day we realize what we were born for." (As you begin reading, you find that this is an anonymous quote.  This in particular made it seem that the author was trying too hard to be profound.)  The premise is that each person must discover his strengths and priorities, then develop appropriate short- and long-term goals.  Key elements covered include spending time in God's Word, having a positive attitude, and (not surprisingly) exercising. 

In addition to scripture (not a version I am familiar with), at times Mr. Flynt effectively relates personal anecdotes to support his points.  I found some of his examples throughout the book captivating and others, particularly the plethora of sports analogies, to be tedious.  Because the author seems like a very likable person and a capable coach and businessman, I wish I could give the book a more favorable review.  As other reviewers have commented, his advice seems a bit too cheerful and simplistic.  I would certainly recommend the book to others as it did encourage me to think about my priorities, and I am going to search out some of the authors he referenced.  Parts of the book did make me think; however, minus the wordiness, I think the whole book could have been condensed into a shorter read or maybe a long article.  Flynt's book is more of a scattered summary of ideas that are developed more extensively in other works such as: What Color is Your Parachute, and Knockout Entrepreneur, as well as individual books on spiritual gifts, self-esteem and the benefits of exercise. 

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