BOOK REVIEW: The Shelter of God's Promises (Sheila Walsh)

This is my first exposure to Shelia Walsh and I was pleasantly surprised with this book that I would not normally pick up in a book store.  Unlike many "inspirational" works, this one DOES have substance.  It is a conversational commentary on some of the major promises God's children can count on during this unpredictable journey of life.  The writing style reminds me of a motivational speaker taking you through a Bible study.

Overall this is a very encouraging read and one that should ideally be read slowly.  My only complaint is the addition of quote inserts (re-quoting a sentence and putting it in bold print in the middle of a page); to me they are distracting filler.  On a positive note, I had several eye-opening moments in the book as Sheila explained a Bible story in a way that made me see how the characters in Scripture may have been feeling and why Jesus' dialogue with them was what it was.  The sermon on the mount, Mary Magdalene, Mary Jesus' mother at the cross, the maniac of Gadara--so many stories are expounded in ways that help you really envision them and that truly support the promise she is addressing. An effective Bible study for yourself or a group, this resource is worth your time and can strengthen your faith in Christ.

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